DOCKER 服务学习三

Docker 客户端和守护进程(C/S模式)

remote-api 链接
* unix:///var/run/docker.sock
* tcp://host:port
* fd://socketfd

cli/APP -> Docker Client –Socket–> Docker Server

举例: nc -U /var/run/docker.sock
GET /info HTTP/1.1


Docker 守护进程的配置和操作

sudo status docker
sudo service docker start
sudo service docker restart
sudo service docker stop

docker -d [OPTIONS]

docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND [arg…]
A self-sufficient runtime for linux containers.
–api-cors-header= Set CORS headers in the remote API
-b, –bridge= Attach containers to a network bridge
–bip= Specify network bridge IP
-D, –debug=false Enable debug mode
-d, –daemon=false Enable daemon mode
–default-ulimit=[] Set default ulimits for containers
–dns=[] DNS server to use
–dns-search=[] DNS search domains to use
-e, –exec-driver=native Exec driver to use
–fixed-cidr= IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs
–fixed-cidr-v6= IPv6 subnet for fixed IPs
-G, –group=docker Group for the unix socket
-g, –graph=/var/lib/docker Root of the Docker runtime
-H, –host=[] Daemon socket(s) to connect to
-h, –help=false Print usage
–icc=true Enable inter-container communication
–insecure-registry=[] Enable insecure registry communication
–ip= Default IP when binding container ports
–ip-forward=true Enable net.ipv4.ip_forward
–ip-masq=true Enable IP masquerading
–iptables=true Enable addition of iptables rules
–ipv6=false Enable IPv6 networking
-l, –log-level=info Set the logging level
–label=[] Set key=value labels to the daemon
–log-driver=json-file Containers logging driver
–mtu=0 Set the containers network MTU
-p, –pidfile=/var/run/ Path to use for daemon PID file
–registry-mirror=[] Preferred Docker registry mirror
-s, –storage-driver= Storage driver to use
–selinux-enabled=false Enable selinux support
–storage-opt=[] Set storage driver options
–tls=false Use TLS; implied by –tlsverify
–tlscacert=~/.docker/ca.pem Trust certs signed only by this CA
–tlscert=~/.docker/cert.pem Path to TLS certificate file
–tlskey=~/.docker/key.pem Path to TLS key file
–tlsverify=false Use TLS and verify the remote
-v, –version=false Print version information and quit

attach Attach to a running container
build Build an image from a Dockerfile
commit Create a new image from a container’s changes
cp Copy files/folders from a container’s filesystem to the host path
create Create a new container
diff Inspect changes on a container’s filesystem
events Get real time events from the server
exec Run a command in a running container
export Stream the contents of a container as a tar archive
history Show the history of an image
images List images
import Create a new filesystem image from the contents of a tarball
info Display system-wide information
inspect Return low-level information on a container or image
kill Kill a running container
load Load an image from a tar archive
login Register or log in to a Docker registry server
logout Log out from a Docker registry server
logs Fetch the logs of a container
port Lookup the public-facing port that is NAT-ed to PRIVATE_PORT
pause Pause all processes within a container
ps List containers
pull Pull an image or a repository from a Docker registry server
push Push an image or a repository to a Docker registry server
rename Rename an existing container
restart Restart a running container
rm Remove one or more containers
rmi Remove one or more images
run Run a command in a new container
save Save an image to a tar archive
search Search for an image on the Docker Hub
start Start a stopped container
stats Display a stream of a containers’ resource usage statistics
stop Stop a running container
tag Tag an image into a repository
top Lookup the running processes of a container
unpause Unpause a paused container
version Show the Docker version information
wait Block until a container stops, then print its exit code

docker 配置文件
DOCKER_OPTS=’–label name=docker_server_01 -H tcp:′
DOCKER_OPTS=’–label name=docker_server_01 tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock’
DOCKER_OPTS=’–label name=docker_server_01 -H -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock’

Docker 的远程访问
docker -H
export DOCKER_HOST=”tcp://″

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